3 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Organization

One of the most important skills every employee needs to hone is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This applies to employees at all levels, not just executives or mid-level managers. When everyone in your organization is able to communicate clearly with peers and superiors it promotes active engagement and a healthy corporate culture.  

Good communication skills are important for individual growth as well as team development. Teams that communicate well will perform better than those that do not. It may seem simple, but surprisingly, many organizations do not focus on developing good communication skills for their employees and teams. Visit the Impact of Team Performance Survey Report, to see additional characteristics of high-performing teams

To start improving your communication skills, focus on these three areas: clarity, listening and non-verbal communication. The chart below provides several ways to improve in each area. 



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Give your employees more opportunities to improve skills like communication. 

The ThinkWise 360˚ Survey gives your employees a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for improvement and links them directly to learning resources. Your employees will be more engaged in their own development and you'll create an alignment between the organizational strategy and vision and your people.   

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