How Do You View Culture?

culture_iceberg_sm_new.jpgOrganizations are a lot like icebergs. They are really “steered” by the effects of beliefs and habits that are “below the waterline”and not readily thought about. Most organizational initiatives focus on the “above the waterline” aspects of the organization.

So, just like a breeze blowing against the tip of an iceberg, it’s not going to have much impact unless the currents beneath the surface are going the same way.

This is what culture does for the organization.

As long as your strategy and processes are stable and working for you, there is rarely a need to meddle with culture.  However, when you decide that you need to move to a new strategy and/or process for how the organization is going to perform, then you must consider the culture and diagnose the elements of the old culture that will have to change to allow
the new strategy and processes to succeed.  
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