4 Things A 360˚ Survey Should Always Provide

blog360ArtA 360 survey that doesn't provide meaningful feedback fails your organization, because the organization is more likely to simply quit on feedback. This can be the death of your leaders — no feedback, no improvements.


When 360's aren't focused on development that's aligned to your organization’s strategy, you'll either stop using them altogether, or they become a one time assessment or survey.  Unfortunately, you may not consider them again until next year when it's time to run a test to figure out who is a zebra vs. giraffe. 

A great 360 survey will allow you to provide your leaders with these four important takeaways:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of their strengths and developmental opportunities
  2. Increased awareness of how the organization would like them to perform
  3. Alignment between the leader's goals and organizational needs
  4. A consistent and structured source of feedback outside of the traditional performance review 


At ThinkWise we have painstakingly worked to ensure our 360's are more focused, targeted, and easy to use by anyone.

Whether you are an inspired leader of a growing organization, an experienced human resources professional,
or a management consultant, ThinkWise 360 surveys will provide the clarity and alignment that drives performance.


Develop the skills that are important to your organization - Provide the feedback and learning resources your employees want and need. 

The ThinkWise 360˚ Survey gives your employees a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for improvement and links them directly to learning resources. Your employees will be more engaged in their own development and you'll create an alignment between the organizational strategy and vision and your people.   

Click the button below to download a 360˚ survey sample report to see how easy developing your employees can be.  

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