3 Tips For Improving Your Listening & Engagement Skills

Job studies have shown that many executives spend most of their day in lots of relatively short conversations, or listening to presentations of some sort. Your ability to extract value from all this time is directly related to how well you listen to and actually hear the messages that are directed to you.

Because your time and attention is one of your primary resources you can invest in people, try to create an environment where the person seeking to communicate something to you has your undivided attention.

Here are three tips for improving your listening and engagement skills.
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Give your employees feedback on important skills like listening and engagement. 

The ThinkWise 360˚ Survey gives your employees a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for improvement and links them directly to learning resources. Your employees will be more engaged in their own development and you'll create an alignment between the organizational strategy and vision and your people.   

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