Top 10 Reasons Why You're Ready For A Leadership Development Program

Top 10? How about a 100 reasons?—well that would make for an awful blog post I suppose, so here are the top 10 signs you are ready to implement a leadership development program (click here or on the artwork to download a PDF version):



Are you ready for a Leadership Development program?
Before you answer that question, please do not get hung up on the word Program. Implementing a "system" or "program" for Leadership Development does not have to be an overly complicated, arduous proces.

There are a few simple steps you can take to get started with Leadership Development and to ensure you're measuring your Leadership Development efforts: 

  1. Outline your organizational goals and the core leadership competencies that are essential to achieving them
  2. Set a baseline by performing a 360 survey for each leadership position
  3. Offer the participants learning content that is targeted to the competencies that are called out in the initial 360 report. A good 360 report will include learning content that is aligned to the targeted competencies
  4. Complete a follow up 360 survey to each participant and compare the initial report to the second report. If the participants engaged in the learning content you should see improvements in their target competencies

At ThinkWise, our goal is to provide you with the necessary resources to make smart Leadership Development decisions. Below is a link to a SMART Goals worksheet, which will help you align your organizational goals with leadership competencies.


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