Team Performance - What Gets Measured Gets Managed

TPS_hands.jpgEsteemed business writer and management consultant Peter Drucker once wrote, “What gets measured gets managed.” For a majority of organizations, employee performance reviews are how they measure and manage performance – and people.

Performance reviews provide an opportunity for managers to sit down with employees and discuss work performance from the previous year. They are the tool organizations use to determine promotions, salaries, annual bonuses and development plans.

So how do business leaders and managers measure and manage the performance of teams operating within their organizations? How do they measure and manage the dynamics within the team? The truth is: Many business leaders and managers don’t.

It’s not because they don’t understand the value of reviewing team performance. It’s just that there aren’t many tools or solutions designed to accurately measure and evaluate team performance. A majority of performance management solutions on the market focus on the productivity and execution of individuals – not teams.

But the reality is there’s a lot of work being executed – and business value being created – at the team level in every organization. And, it will continue to increase. Gartner predicts that over the next 10 years, teamwork and collaboration will be more valued, more rewarded and practiced more frequently than individual performance.

Organizations are becoming more aware of the critical need to assess and evaluate team performance. As a result, they need to adopt and integrate team performance solutions to augment deficiencies in employee performance reviews. Performance reviews and team performance tools are not mutually exclusive. They are essential to giving organizations a true picture of work performance and created business value.

Managing Teams the Right Way?

Maybe you already have “team performance” solutions. If you do, or even if you don’t, take a minute to ask yourself:

  • Does my organization evaluate team performance based on individual employees?

  • How many times have individual employees received exemplary performance reviews, but have been part of a failing team?

  • How many times has team management and development been approached from an employee performance perspective?

  • Does my organization have the proper tools to measure the performance of its teams?

  • Does my organization have the right tools to manage and develop teams?

Answers will vary, but if you are using employee performance reviews to measure and manage team performance, you should consider using a Team Performance Survey.

Download the entire report which examines some pros and cons of performance reviews and how team performance surveys give business leaders and managers another critical tool to measure, evaluate, manage and develop better performance from the teams in their organization.


Download the guide: What Gets Measured Gets Managed 

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