How To Identify The Right Leadership Competencies



I'm sorry to say, there doesn't exist a one size fits all model like some experts want you to believe.

Sure, in 10 seconds you may want to call me a hypocrite, but please understand my intent: to get you over the hump of being nervous. I want you to read the competency list below carefully and decide for yourself, where is the harm? I hear too often from HR executives that they would rather not get into understanding competencies for their leaders because they fear failure. Yep. They fear picking the wrong ones will drive poor performance. Think about that for a moment. When is it bad to possess solid communication skills — or when would it be such a terrible idea for leaders to care about their staff? Sure that seems strange, but its true. HR has become inundated with competencies and it's overwhelming.

So, let me cut to the chase on which leadership competencies I beleive you simply cannot ignore and will get you on the road to aligning your people with your business strategy:

  1. Collaboration: understand the importance of relationships to enable effective teamwork
  2. Communication: interacting with others through various means to engage others and help them understand purpose
  3. Decision Making: making high quality decisions in a timely manner
  4. Developmental Leadership: this is simply caring about yourself, others, and your team enough to help grow talent
  5. Leading Others: (this is a tough one) building trust and inspiring others
  6. Dependability/Integrity: holding yourself to a high standard with a sound work ethic
  7. Results Focus: initiating action and following through toachieve outcomes
  8. Vision + Strategy: defining and creating a compelling future for the business while attaching the necessary stragies to make it happen

This list is a simple reminder that we need to hold leaders to a certain standard in order to help drive the business, allow others to reach their potential, and provide an environment that is productive and worth fighting for. 


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