5 Tips for Addressing Resistance to Succession Management

An important part of succession planning is providing high performing employees with developmental opportunities. However, everyone should know about the development programs in place and how they may become eligible. Even if they aren’t selected to succeed a future position, they should be made aware of the details of the program and how they may benefit from it.

Provide information to everyone about the development program in place for succession management and make sure everyone understands why some employees are receiving additional opportunities. Also, let everyone know the same opportunity is available to all those who are interested in further developing skills. There will be less tension between employees. People will not feel as though they must compete for opportunities. Everyone will feel as though they are being treated fairly and what they do is appreciated.


Some additional benefits of addressing resistance to Succession Management include:

  • People will be less likely to feel threatened when noticing that others are participating in different developmental opportunities
  • There should be less negative feelings and tension among employees
  • People should understand that they do not need to compete for opportunities
  • Employees should feel as though they are being treated fairly
  • Performance will be less likely to be affected as a result of employees being  more willing to work with each other
  • Performance may also increase since employees will want to be recognized and included in the development program
  • Employees will be less likely to leave the organization because they feel they are not being given equal development opportunities

Here are the 5 tips for addressing resistance to Succession Management
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Changing your thoughts and actions will result in short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes. This process may not be comfortable at first. However, as you practice these techniques over an extended period of time, you will begin to notice positive, long-term consequences.

The size and scope of the succession management program an organization opts for is related to the size and complexity of that organization. Start small, at the top of the organization, with Corporate Critical Succession Planning and evolve to Function Critical Succession Planning, and finally Future Leader identification and development.

This process of “getting it right” at one level before tackling the next will take some time, but will assure that this sort of talent mindset becomes part of the culture.


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