2 Tips To Help Your Employees Apply Their Technical Expertise

TE_image.pngSome people who are relied upon for their established technical expertise may struggle with applying their expertise in a few ways.

Some employees may struggle with sharing their expertise when other people seek them out.

not see it as a priority to stay tuned in to new technologies or approaches. However, by not learning what’s new, they could be missing opportunities to expand their expertise and increase their value. An out-of-touch expert also risks losing influence and being a resource.


Try these tips to help your employees improve in applying their technical expertise:

To help someone improve in sharing their technical expertise, offer the following process for the next time someone comes to them for counsel:

  1. Listen to their question/situation.
  2. Summarize back to them what they said, and whether you can help.
  3. Share your expertise/recommendations on how to address their question or situation.
  4. Ask them to describe how they think they could apply your recommendations and what other questions they now have.
  5. Listen to their answer and follow up with additional expertise and insights.

  6. Using this five step approach will help increase the likelihood that their counsel will be applied and that everyone’s time is used effectively. 


To help someone improve in staying abreast of new technologies or approaches, offer the following ideas to them:

  • Identify some new technology or tools you’re aware of in your organization that could have relevance to the work you have been doing. For example, the methods of Six Sigma or LEAN, new design or presentation software, project management tools, etc. If you don’t have good vision to this, identify someone who does and spend time with them talking about what’s new and select a few good areas for this exercise.
  • Spend time learning about this new approach or tool. You can either meet with someone who has the information, take a class, or read material to help you achieve this goal.
  • Now make Development Goal for yourself about how you will use this information in your work, or in working with others. Be sure to write a S.M.A.R.T. Goal so that you are specific about what you will do, and when you will do it.
  • Follow up - it can be very helpful to set an automatic reminder in your calendar to make sure you’re making progress in this area. 


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